Image Posted August 15, 2021

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Trampoline as a means to control aspects of game on screen, performing as an analog input, software calculates rate of impact & force (distance displaced / pressed down)

System to determine whether bouncing with both feet concurrently or alternating, also identifies position / placement / direction pointed; calibration based on player’s weight, preferred range of effort, etc.

Standard Game Pad / Joystick carries out ancillary controls.

Technical Option A – Camera with motion capture & recognition / computer vision capability, leverage functions built into contemporary mobile and other consumer devices one may already own, where the technology is sufficient; plant camera at base / foot-level area for those who prefer to avoid other personal features potentially exposed online

Option B – Sensors / Motion Detectors underneath at multiple points, surface area of the landing plane dictates the scope of equipment needed (calculations TBD)

Proposed Genres (Partial List):
Platform / Adventure
Boxing / Martial Arts
Horse Racing / Equestrian / Polo / Joust
Motocross / Automotive / Winter Sports
Fishing / Nautical
Dancing / Acrobatics

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