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– Device projects game onto wall, utilizing cameras & projectors built into modern computers / phones / tablets or available as an attachment / accessory.

– Wall surface instead of the typical screen allows ball to bounce back for continuous play, offers increased location flexibility.

– Select from menu which equipment to be used, calibrates damage / hit points according to projectile weight & speed.

– Calculates / speed & position using “launch monitor” and related technology used in sport simulators. Calls for two camera-equipped devices setup at 90 degree angles, connected via wifi / bluetooth / cellular.

– Potential modes: athletic simulation, combat / shooting, puzzle, music / rhythm, math / educational, others TBD.

– Range of sports available incl. lacrosse / hurling, baseball / batting cage, soccer / hockey, tennis / racquetball, archery / throwing,  quarterback challenge, etc.

– Augmented glasses / VR alternative to projection, drawbacks: may interfere with helmet / protective gear, proximity of electric fields to the head not ideal for long-term use.

– Higher FPS camera / lens preferable, potential to scale back features based on technology specs.  Goal is to have some compatibility with the least expensive entry level device possible, even if this means reduced functionality.

– Some shielding advised to avoid ricochet damage. For golf the screen remains preferred surface.

References (Updated August 15, 2021)

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Please Help

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The project from the page,, has reached a point where outside assistance will be needed to proceed further.  The first objective is to determine if the concept may have eventual viability.  A handful of engineering departments were consulted, which indicated they do not have resources to take on such outside projects, yet upon brief evaluation would not rule out as possible in theory.  Additional progress has been made on the design, and the development team is looking to determine whether to pursue further or allocate efforts elsewhere.

If affirmative the lead developer would prefer to transfer / donate ownership of the rights for this project to an agency able to maximize utility.  Options in mind include yet are not limited to:

– United States Department of Energy
– Ministry of Energy from United States’ ally or allies
– USA or allied military for use with relief / aid operations (i.e., Army Corps of Engineers, Research Labs)
– Foundation of some sort, only if adequate assurance will operate impartially

If any one has a contact within sectors of this nature please have them forward up the chain of command.  Preferably our team can join on-board for the process, including drafting, prototype testing, or other phase(s), yet this is not necessarily a precondition.

There is no attempt here to restrict any one from obtaining access, only to avoid ending up in the wrong hands.  Right now the highest priority is to prevent any person or entity from using the draft or modification(s) thereof to lock down proprietary rights for monetary enrichment.  This site has always operated as a free service with a limited legal department, so additional support pertaining to this matter would be helpful as well.  The concern is for those with sufficient funding to leverage their advantage and claim for themselves, contrary to the original intention of this project – if a scenario along these lines unfolds despite our best efforts, the only remaining request would be to make them realize the error of their ways (this statement refers to politely imploring them to reconsider and is not instructing any one to pirate the technology or inflict physical harm upon them or their associates).

Please note articles on the non-sports page also remain a work in progress, and administration will strongly consider adjusting anything deemed a hindrance to get the ball rolling on this initiative.  Any assistance, including to just forward this page, would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely,, site admin