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*November 3 2022 STATEMENT:*
On April 6, 2022, the image below was posted here & one or more social sites with the following text:

“Post in response to a recent increase in ads for investments of questionable merit put onto our profile by the social sharing site(s); scaling back activities on them for now to avoid feeding into it more. Not trying to step on anyone’s toes just don’t want readers to see those ads on our page & get the impression we are trying to convince them to buy in. This is not to suggest a lack of support for the events would have shared going forward”

Truth Is: There are multiple reasons for the reduced social sharing, it was just convenient to throw those coin companies under the bus because every one got tired of their ads & it was clear the prices were about to decline; their role was exaggerated in order to be taken more seriously, so hopefully readers/visitors sold-off in time or did not purchase then if on the fence. Unfortunately it was misleading by our page to give this impression; not a justification but this page/post would never have been necessary had they kept the promotions contained within their own ecosystem.

This does not excuse the way social-sharing sites managed the situation either: Taking it upon themselves to deploy “fact-checkers” in cases where it appeared to serve their own interest yet little effort by comparison to warn of potential losses on unrealistic financial claims. Willing to give benefit of the doubt they are now taking steps in the right direction, in the meantime any one is still welcome to copy the cartoon & post as a reply to inappropriate solicitation of this nature.

The cartoon is an over-generalization, the same way projects in the space which may serve a legitimate purpose are more associated with those depicted whose main function is to extract peoples’ savings. Also, one can have other reasons to purchase cyber-coins beyond “investment,” e.g., to support a project and/or those involved, some service you want to use requiring a coin for access, entertainment, etc. (possibly expand the list, add more e.g. at a later time)
*November 3, 2022 STATEMENT*



Image Posted August 15, 2021

Text From Slide:

Trampoline as a means to control aspects of game on screen, performing as an analog input, software calculates rate of impact & force (distance displaced / pressed down)

System to determine whether bouncing with both feet concurrently or alternating, also identifies position / placement / direction pointed; calibration based on player’s weight, preferred range of effort, etc.

Standard Game Pad / Joystick carries out ancillary controls.

Technical Option A – Camera with motion capture & recognition / computer vision capability, leverage functions built into contemporary mobile and other consumer devices one may already own, where the technology is sufficient; plant camera at base / foot-level area for those who prefer to avoid other personal features potentially exposed online

Option B – Sensors / Motion Detectors underneath at multiple points, surface area of the landing plane dictates the scope of equipment needed (calculations TBD)

Proposed Genres (Partial List):
Platform / Adventure
Boxing / Martial Arts
Horse Racing / Equestrian / Polo / Joust
Motocross / Automotive / Winter Sports
Fishing / Nautical
Dancing / Acrobatics

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